A Usual Day


Medium: Watercolor
Size: 41×29 cm

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Endless running, grinding life into the busy wheel of time is the nature of urban life. People of the city are busy day and night with building their land. Human relationships are a complicated equation on the city map. People’s emotions get tangled in the busy sphere of life. And so some are seen stuck in the rhythm of luxurious life and some are living a careless and inhumane life. To whom the city gives, it fills its hands and to whom it does not, it lies by the wayside. The city is like a silent coastline of inequality. Here under the same sky, some are poor, some are rich, some live in palaces and some live on the sidewalk. Colorful electric lights and brick houses have beautified urban life but have robbed people of their emotions. The life of the people in the four walls of the city has become a colorless blanket. Therefore, there is no different color for each day

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Dimensions 41 × 29 cm


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